Welcome to the Sublink Blog!

Welcome to the Sublink Blog!

Welcome to the Sublink blog! Today, we’re going to start off simple by giving you a general idea of who we are, what Sublink can do for you, and how you can get started with our intuitive contractor platform designed to streamline subcontractor hiring. Check it out!

Who We Are

As contractors ourselves with more than 20 years of experience in the construction industry, we understand first-hand the challenges that can come with trying to find top-quality, reliable subcontractors for all types of construction jobs. That’s why we created an intuitive contractor platform that can make finding the best, most qualified subcontractors simple and easy, all while helping to eliminate the runaround and the paperwork that comes along with traditional hiring processes. 

Our goal is to make your life easier when it comes to hiring subcontractors for your projects so that you can focus on booking more jobs, growing your business, and providing quality work for your clients.

What Makes Us Different

Sublink is a contractor app and subcontractor hiring platform designed by contractors, for contractors. We built our contractor platform with the goal of providing contractors of all sizes and across all industries with a smart organizational tool to streamline the subcontractor hiring process to manage projects with optimal efficiency to save you time, money, and stress. But what makes us different from the rest? Simple. While other construction apps focus on calculating measurements or materials, scheduling, and other tasks, the Sublink contractor app is focused solely on one of the most important aspects of construction project management — helping you find and hire top-rated subcontractors. Check it out!

What Can Sublink Do for You?

Sublink offers multiple features that you can access on digital and mobile devices, including your iOS operating systems, including your iPhone, tablet, laptop, or desktop. Sublink is your trusted source for finding local professional help for hire in your area, according to your industry, hiring needs, and subcontractor specifications. Better yet, our platform doubles as a contractor platform and subcontractor platform that can be used according to your position. 

Sublink helps contractors and subcontractors keep their jobs organized, find each other instantly, rate and review each other, manage timelines and projects, track job progress, manage deadlines, establish lasting networking links, and so much more. Let’s explore our features in greater detail, shall we?

We Make Hiring Subcontractors Simple

You can hire top-rated subcontractors in your area by posting and tracking jobs through the Sublink app. Once you post a job listing, Sublink provides you with a centralized point for connecting with potential hires. You can easily communicate and message subcontractors in one touch of a button. Sublink automatically links you to subcontractors looking for work in your area and within your industry based on the specifications you provide in your job listing. This means you can spend less time sifting through paper job applications and more time getting your work done, all while cutting down on hiring costs. 

Create an Offer with Ease

Sublink allows you to easily create a job offer by submitting your offer details to subcontractors looking for work in your area. Simply create a job post by following these five quick and easy prompts on the contractor app to narrow down your search:

  • Choose a location
  • Fill out the offer form
  • Send invite links
  • Preview your job post 
  • Post your listing

Your post will be saved so you can duplicate a listing and use it again at a later time, or you can create posting drafts to have on-the-ready, in case you need help on the fly. You can even fill out settings for individuals and teams depending on the size and complexity of your project.

We Link Subcontractors to You

Subcontractors, if you are looking for work, Sublink can connect you to contractors looking to hire in your area. You can find the best jobs in your local community without having to search newspapers, online job listings, hiring agencies, and other hiring avenues in your hunt for the perfect job. Simply input your information, qualifications, and other pieces of pertinent information, and Sublink will connect you with a contractor.

Job and Project Management Made Easy

One of the coolest features of Sublink is that you can easily keep track of all the jobs you have posted, as well as the subcontractor’s activity for a specific job. This improves communication between you and your subcontractors significantly by giving you a central hub to communicate, schedule, and stay organized with job details and more. There’s no more messy paperwork to keep organized and no more files to sift through; everything you need to manage your jobs is located in the palm of your hand with Sublink. 

The Sublink Review System Ensures Quality

It can be stressful when hiring subcontractors using traditional hiring methods; you never really know who you could be hiring. Sublink eliminates the guesswork when linking subcontractors with general contractors. Sublink uses an up-to-date rating and review system to help make lasting connections that benefit both the contractor and the subcontractor. 

Whether you are a contractor or a subcontractor, you can rate and review people you have hired or been hired by to help funnel people in the right direction. For instance, think about how valuable ratings are when you use tools like Google, Top Rated Local®, or Angie’s List to find services in your area. Similarly to these review platforms, the Sublink rating feature gives contractors the ability to rate and review subcontractors they’ve used in the past to help them find the best person for future jobs — all in one place using one convenient app. Then, contractors can use the review system to invite previous hires to future posts that are created along with other suggested links in the Sublink system. It’s all about making connections!

Stay Connected on Social Media Using Sublink 

In addition to the review system, Sublink makes it easy to network on social media platforms like Facebook and LinkedIn using our contractor app. Contractors, do you want to keep up with the latest information, trends, or happenings in your local community’s construction industry? Make real-time links to other contractors and subcontractors on social media through Sublink. Subcontractors, do you want to find big construction projects happening in your area that you want to be a part of? Link up with local professionals and contractors in your area on social media via Sublink! It really is that easy.

Who Can Use Sublink?

Sublink is designed for any size company and nearly any specialty within the construction industry. The Sublink contractor platform is ideal for contractors of all sizes, including:

  • General Contractors
  • Residential Contractors
  • Commercial Contractors
  • Industrial Contractors
  • Public Works Contractors
  • Large General Contractors
  • Small Businesses
  • Builders
  • Painters
  • Electricians
  • Handymen
  • Plumbers
  • Framers
  • Surveyors
  • Developers
  • Project Managers
  • Roofers
  • Siding contractors
  • Concrete contractors
  • Specialty contractors
  • Event planners and coordinators
  • And so much more! 

Download the Sublink Contractor Platform

Are you ready to streamline the subcontractor hiring process? Do you want to make managing all of your jobs an easy, organized, and stress-free task? Do you want to find the best contractors to work with in your community? If so, Sublink is the only contractor platform you need. To get started, simply visit Sublink, or find the free and premium apps available on iTunes. Getting started is as easy and quick as can be, and you can start using the app the instant you download it. It’s time to start enjoying smarter subcontractor hiring with less paperwork. 

Connect with Sublink today! Whether you are looking for work, or looking to hire, Sublink is here to make those connections for you. If you have any questions about our construction app, please do not hesitate to reach out to our customer care team via the app.

Did you enjoy reading this article or find it helpful? Be sure to follow our blog to keep up with all the Sublink happenings, news, insights about our contractor app and so much more!

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